Admissions / Enquiry


The following documents must be produced at the time of admission.

  • Original Birth Certificate of School Leaving Certificate of pupil from the previous school.
  • True copy of Progress Card of the last attended school, if any.
  • Admission form duly filled in BLOCK LETTERS in English Only.
  • True copy of Caste Certificate when applicable.
  • In case the pupil is from another District or State, then his/her school leaving certificate must be countersigned by local educational authority of that particular district.
  • Students applying for Nursery admission should not be less than 3 years of age as on July 31st. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for other standards.
  • The school reserves the right to admit or refuse admission to pupils, without furnishing any reasons.


  • Parents desiring to withdraw their child from the school must submit an application for the leaving certificate, not less than fifteen days in advance.
  • All dues for the current month for which withdrawal is desired must be cleared.
  • If a student leaves the school after February, he/she will have to pay the entire annual fees.

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